Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The word game

Here's a fun game spawned from a conversation I had the other day.  I love ragging on my dad about the way he mispronounces words, and we all know there's some common ones like

'erb vs H-erb


tomayto vs tomahto (but really, do you know anyone that pronounces it that second way?).

But then... there's some that fall into a grey area... So how do YOU pronounce the following?

PRAWcessor vs PRO-cessor
CON-tribute vs con-TRI-bute
DEE-fense vs de-fence
Care-a-mel vs Car-a-mel
anahl-a-jus vs anahl-a-gus
ban-ahl vs banAL
com-pair-able vs comp-or-able

and then of course...

ur-an-us vs Your-Anus.

Trivial?  Yes.  Waste of time?  Yes.  But that's what a blog is often for, right?  (Or should that be, that's what a blog is Off-en for?)

1 comment:

Lynn said...

for me
erb > herb, its the french in me
tomayto > tomahto, though i think the latter is a british thing
prawcessor = pro-cessor, varies depending on my mood
conTRIbute > CONtribute
defence <> deefence, deefence is usually used for sports
caramel > careamel, cuz the former sounds hotter
analogous <> analageous, phonics anyone?
banale > banal, which now i realize that's so weird
comporable > comparable, because i think that sounds hot too

im not gonna answer the last, not in my vocab!