Friday, February 6, 2009

My desk

Usually I'm too lazy to do stuff like this, but what the hey, it sounded fun.  That and I seem to have worked myself into a predisposition to do anything Yukiko asks me to (mental note, check for signs of brainwashing).

Were we supposed to clean our desks before doing this?  This is the craptacular state mine is usually in.  Objects of note include the incredibly chinese mug, my joystick parts (which I still haven't had a chance to install yet!), some reminders to renew my license, and some random sketches.  Oh right, and a vial of anti-malaria pills I was SUPPOSED to take after Mexico... but then never did.  Oops.
My computer setup.  Notice my shiny nice Macbook Pro next to my ultra shit tablet laptop (which, yes, is broken into two pieces).  Also note the calculus book propping up said crappy laptop.  Also of note is the "Ultimate Ninja's Handbook," which I have yet to read.

And, just because I can, here's my workstation at the office.

Other than needing a much larger monitor, notice the awesome Locco Rocco (which my coworkers call "the smiling orange"), which is my favorite thing to randomly play with when I'm waiting for builds to load.  In a close second is "The Trial of Colonol Sweeto," and of course the requisite Duplo Batman and Jack Skellington.  Oh right, and a Mortal Kombat branded squishy toy... in the shape of a human heart!

Er, I guess I tag Lynn... since she's the only other blog I know that hasn't already been tagged.


YuK said...

your work desk is interesting to see than your own desk ;)

nice deaktop wallpaper~

Lynn said... i have to blog!!!