Monday, August 10, 2009

The Crafter

In keeping with this rather introspective summer, I took the Keirsey Bates personality test (one of the longer and more "respected" *koff* personality tests in existence). My result was this:

ISTP- The Crafter
You scored 36% I to E, 58% N to S, 62% F to T, and 63% J to P!

You do not approach strangers readily, but you have no problem leading. You are so sure of yourself, others are hesitant not to listen. Your type is known as the crafter, which belongs to the larger group of experiencers. You are likely a master of tools, including vehicles, musical instruments, and weapons. Most pilots are of this personality type. You are always on the go, you live for the here and now to follow your whims, and you share your type with 10% of the population. You don't feel very parental, but you feel your fraternal bonds very deeply.
As a romantic partner, you are calm and handy to have around when something goes wrong. You are very responsive to immediate and obvious needs in your partner, but are less comfortable with emotional ones. You are fun, playful, and adventurous. However, at your heart, you are something of a loner and will resist exposing your private thoughts. You want to be appreciated for your ability to size up a problem and solve it quickly. You feel most appreciated when you are left to do your own thing spontaneously.

This seems surprisingly accurate, and even though you can say that about a lot of these generality tests (or zodiacs, etc), this one actually seems adequetly detailed as well.

If you're interested in trying it, you can find a re-creation of the test here.

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